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Personal Training


Training Philosophy:  The fundamental principals behind the PUSH training philosophy are education and total body conditioning. First and foremost, we believe in educating each client on why they are doing what they are doing and the importance of doing every movement correctly.


Secondly, we believe in developing total body strength and conditioning by training each muscle group and all aspects of those muscle groups so that there are no weak points. Both of these principals will reduce injury and increase your overall fitness ability.


We use a variety of training techniques and methods to ensure we are getting the maximum results possible from each client. Our trainers are constantly learning new techniques and educating themselves to ensure each of their clients has all the available resources to succeed!

Meet Our Trainers



Training Options



Your personal trainer designs a custom plan tailored to your needs and goals. Your trainer will guide you through each workout and provide activities to promote recovery so you’re ready to go for the next session.


Best option for members who prefer the attention that 1-on-1 personal training provides

Small Group

Partner training allows you and a friend to go through the journey together. With partner training, our trainers can design a program that is both catered to you and your friends goals. Partner training sessions are great for people planning on making a habit out of working out together or for those who want to save more money on the cost of personal training.

Sports Performance

Do you have a group of friends that are all looking to get fit together? Small Group training may be the perfect fit. Our trainers will design a program for you group that provides a fun and energetic atmospher on  your way to reaching your fitness goals! Ideal for those that like the class feel but the personal touch of individual training.

In todays world with the highly competitive nature of youth and high school sports the importance of making sure that your team, players, and children are performing at their highest physical ability is vital.

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