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Brivo Mobile Pass on the App Store (


Brivo Mobile Pass - Apps on Google Play


 Email & ask for a BRIVO Mobile Pass to be emailed to you! 

Please allow 24 hours for your pass to be sent to you.

You will need to request a new Bluetooth Pass if you get a new phone and/or your phone does a software update (Most prevalent in Androids)

Please Email


Close up app after it's downloaded.

Once you receive the email:

Open and Hit the Icon that says ADD BRIVO MOBILE APP

App will open and pass will add to it automatically 

(If it doesn't automatically add then close the email and try again).  

Be sure you have Bluetooth turned on for BRIVO to work!

Once you receive the email the link is valid for 3 days. 



We also have RF Key Fobs available for $10

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