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What our members are saying about GRIT:

With my busy schedule, I find it hard to motivate myself to think of effective workouts or even to go to the gym! GRIT has been the best find at PUSH for me since the HIIT classes are only 30 minutes each class and highly effective. After my first session, I already feel stronger, leaner and I definitely will be signing up for the next session!! - Sara

GRIT has provided outstanding physical and mental benefits. I am jumping higher, running faster, and have way more energy throughout the day. I have gone down a couple pant sizes since starting taking the class and I feel amazing! - Ryan

I have been taking Les Mills group fitness classes for years and I was looking for a new class to change up my workouts. A friend who had been taking GRIT convinced me to give it a try. Once I began taking the classes, I could not stop. The workouts are incredibly addictive. I love that it’s only 30 minutes, because I know that I’m going to have a great workout in such a short time. The coaches are so motivating to keep you going and to push yourself further than you think you can go. I’m so happy that I’ve noticed significant changes in my athleticism and I’ve become so much stronger. I can’t wait to continue taking GRIT to see new changes in my abilities and myself. - Marissa

I started GRIT last December and I can say that it is the best thing that I could have done. I was overweight and out of shape. Now I am 30lbs. lighter and in the best shape that I have ever been. I'm not going to lie, its a very intense workout but there are modifications so that ANYONE can do it. I saw major improvements in the first 6 weeks which motivated me to keep going and with my exceptional GRIT coach Samantha (Sam) she gave me the drive and confidence to keep moving forward and helped me reach my goals. I will continue to do GRIT for as long as it is offered ~ Melissa

Since starting GRIT I definitely feel stronger and my endurance has increased significantly. Each class is challenging, both physically and mentally. I love that I get such a great workout from such a short class. Just when you feel like you can’t do anymore, its over! - Lea

I entered into this adventure woefully out of shape and reluctant to even give it a try. I leave GRIT feeling more energized and witht tons more stamina and strength than I had before. It is a painful 30 minutes but I found myself oddly looking forward to my next class. Kudos to Laura, my trainer, who relentlessly drives and inspires her class the push themselves each and every session. ~ Martin

I was not looking for weight reduction. I was interested in toning and strengthening my body. And that is what I got! I no longer have "spaghetti arms." I actually have muscles, core strength, and my waist is more defined. I highly recommend GRIT as part your workout schedule. ~ Lucy

I've really loved the GRIT experience and am thrilled that the classes fit into my schedule (yay for morning classes!). My other workouts have significantly improved and I am able to push myself much harder (both in GRIT and in other workouts) than I really ever have before. I was definitely skeptical at first, but it's hard to argue when you see and feel results! ~ Kim

I started GRIT as soon as it became available at PUSH. This intense 30-minute workout is different each class offering cardio, strength and plyo. The results to me have been obvious. I am stronger and have more energy and notice toning in my muscles. The instructors are motivating especially Laura who is committed to pushing us to our max. If you dedicate yourself to GRIT it is guaranteed results. - Carol

As a “retired” Division 1 swimmer, I have struggled to find workouts as intense as what I was used to. GRIT took me to that level. I was sore in places I haven’t been since I swam. The team atmosphere pushes you to work harder. You can’t let your team down! - Jenny

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