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My name is Samantha and I am one of the Grit Series instructors here at PUSH. Many people talk about different things that have changed their life, well for me that is Grit. I have always been a relatively fit individual with a passion for health and wellness but it wasn't until I began training for Grit that I relized how "un-fit" I truely was. At the beginning of my training for Grit I could only do 1 push-up. Now its not about just making it through the workout alive. Its about increasing my reps, my weight on the bar, and my overall fitness level.


I was that person with a million reason why I couldn't or shouldn't do Grit. It won't be easy and at times you'll want to quit but I promise if you join me through this Grit Series the rewards will out way every excuse of why you can't do it in the first place. Step out of your comfort zone because thats where change happens.



My name is Laura, mother of two boys and a Group Fitness Instructor. I love to push people and motivate others to show them what they are capable of. I thought I had come far enough in fitness and there was nothing left for me to do before GRIT. Then I was asked to do a "Clap Push-Up" and fell flat on my face. I realized I had plenty of work ahead of me andI want and will always want to be the Best Version Of Myself I can be So, I took the challenge. Training for GRIT was hard, but 1 Clap Push Up turned into 5, 5 Reps turned into 15 and small jumps turned into large jumps.  I feel stronger than ever. More confident than ever, Better than ever. Grit kicked off a journey for me that's taken me further mentally and physically then any other training i've been through. Which for me, only prepares me for whatever life throws my way next. Bring It!!!!!



Hi I'm Leigh, a Fairport native, currently working in finance, but my absolute passion is fitness! I dabbled in MMA and Aerial Fitness for awhile but was in dire need of a new adventure. Push, GRIT, and becoming an instructor was that adventure. I've been a proponent of HIIT workouts for years - I wrote my own workouts and did them by myself in conjunction with my lifting routine, but something was missing. I was pumped to find GRIT because I loved the competitive nature, intensity and enjoyed the team atmosphere. It is tough, but I believe the most effective workouts are those that you find most challenging. I became LesMills BodyCombat certified first, and realized I should go a step further with GRIT as well. I am in LOVE with GRIT and love the results so I couldn't wait to guide people through a similar journey. I did not "wake up like this" - work hard, get results, that's GRIT!

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