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Changes to Club Hours and Operations

  • 24 Hour Access will be unavailable 

  • Maximum capacity will be limited to 50%  

  • Temporary Hours: 7am to 9pm Monday – Thursday and 7am to 7pm Friday & Saturday

  • Wearing a Mask is Highly Recommended.

  • Drinking Fountains limited Until Further Notice, please bring your own water bottles

  • Guest passes are Unavailable Until Further Notice

  • Members MUST Sanitize equipment after usage

  • Daily visits will be limited to 90 minutes Until Further Notice

  • Kids Room is CLOSED Until Further Notice

  • Group Classes have are Unavailable Until Further Notice

  • Everyone must practice social distancing 6 feet apart at ALL TIMES.

  • Temporary guideline Dates are Subject to Change at anytime as we continue to monitor the Covid-19 Pandemic

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